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NYC Wedding Dresses by Michelle Roth

NYC Wedding Dresses by Michelle Roth

NYC wedding dresses by Michelle Roth are exclusively available at the world-famous Kleinfeld Bridal Salon. Our striking Exclusive Edition dress collection created by Michelle Roth works with the finest quality fabrics, sumptuous beading and signature fit that creates sophisticated gowns with very limited availability. Michelle Roth dresses feature clean, chic lines to capture and not overwhelm individual personality that supports the type of theme and style you are wanting to create for your wedding day. It is the inspiration of Hollywood glamour, red carpet style, and the fashion runways of Milan, Paris, London and New York that are infused in the exclusive collection by Michelle Roth.


We are honoured that the Michelle Roth Exclusive Collection is a featured designer at the Kleinfeld Bridal Salon. We are all about creating a unique look and experience for you in a world of cookie cutter and copycat looks that are repeated again and again down the bridal aisle. We offer our NYC wedding dresses at Kleinfeld because they are world-renowned for their amazing customer service and experienced alteration services. It is our design philosophy and creativity that works together with your dreams and feeling gorgeous and sumptuous and all the while expressing your individuality and so we are proudly limited and exclusive.


For many brides finding the right NYC wedding dress can be difficult especially when it comes to finding a dress that suits your body type. Our dresses come in a wide range of styles specifically desgined to suit a myriad of body types, personalities, moods and themes. We are fastidious when it comes to the detailing, quality and construction of our couture collection . the Michelle Roth collection has its signature in contemporary chic and striking silhouettes that are not just stylish but also strikingly approachable.


Our design house is passionate about our couture creations and our interaction with you the clients. As a featured Kleinfeld Designer Michelle Roth has monthly Trunk Shows for personalised service. No other experience brings you closer to your dress. The entire collection is presented at each Trunk Show and you are able to consult directly with Michelle Roth working through the selection until you find your dream dress. Please also visit our website to find additional information, Facebook and Twitter updates and so much more. Visit to view our entire collection of NYC wedding dresses exclusively available at Kleinfeld Bridal Salon.

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