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Michelle Roth Manhattan Wedding Dresses

Michelle Roth Manhattan Wedding Dresses

Manhattan wedding dresses is the home of the most stylish and chic gowns anywhere and so brides from all over the country and the world shop at the iconic Kleinfeld Bridal Michelle Roth couture wedding gowns exclusively available at Kleinfeld in Manhattan. Michelle Roth is part of a 3 generation family of wedding dress designers who have been creating couture wedding gowns for over 50 years. The Roth design Studio, founded by her parents Aneta and Joseph is based in Australia. Michelle Roth has been submersed in design and creativity from an early age and has experienced the family traditions of draping, unique beadwork and sumptuous fabrications that make her approach to bridal design unique.


The exclusive collection created and designed by Michelle Roth has exceptional femininity and an approach to design that embraces 40s and 50s old world glamour. Influenced by her architect sister, Lilian Weinreich silhouettes are clean, and striking yet combine classic elements with a highly contemporary touch. Fabrications are imported from Italy, Spain and Milan and uniquely draped, gathered, pleated and flounced for a signature red carpet look that is completely unique. In addition to using sumptuous fabrics the fit reflected from family tradition works with patterns that have been passed down from generation to generation. We know how important it is for gowns to fit and flatter at the right point for each body type so a selection of ballgowns, a line dresses, mermaid dresses and straight silhouette shapes complement perfectly your body type with cutting edge Manhattan style.


Our Manhattan wedding dresses are created in one of the fashion capitals of the world. With so much cutting edge runway fashion red carpet events and world class sophistication the Michelle Roth collection is proudly exclusive at the world’s largest Bridal salon anywhere Kleinfeld in Manhattan. Our philosophy and goal is to ensure that your experience in unique, your fitting is unique and your whole wedding experience is unique. It is without question that Michelle Roth’s position at Kleinfeld is a statement of her place as an international designer of wedding dresses like no other. Combined with the best alterations department in the world and in store customer service that is personalised makes the entire experience non-replicable. By making our Manhattan wedding dresses limited ensures an exclusivity and specialness that no other designer in Manhattan offers. Your dream of expressing your style so significantly finds its home with the Michelle Roth wedding collection at Kleinfeld Bridal.


Visit our website to find all additional information that you would love to know about our exclusive selection of gowns. You can also view runway footage of our Manhattan wedding dresses, join the conversation through Facebook and Twitter and interact on a personal level by visiting us at

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